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The process we undertake to make your bread requires 36 hours, with buns taking 24 hours to make sure they taste perfect every time. As such orders need to be made early - at least 24 - 48 hours - in advance so we can determine the number of items required to be baked and to reduce food waste.

Ordering deadlines are therefore shown on the right, we deliver Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please note that we may have to close orders early due to demand. Our kitchen is only wee!

You will not be able to order your product once we close ordering on a product.

Deliveries will typically be sent out between 11 am and 2.30 pm on the day specified. These can be left in a safe place, however, this must be stated on the initial order.

Delivery on a Wednesday
Order by
10.30 am the prior Tuesday 

Delivery on a Thursday
Order by
10.30 am the prior Wednesday

Delivery on a Friday
Order by
10.30 am the prior Thursday 

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